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[GxB | GxG | GxN] Otome, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Comedy

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Story Description

Ever since Aliya joined Airis' Vassals as a warrior, she has been devoted to her cause of protecting her country from the creatures that, having lost their senses due to a strange plague, started attacking the cities years ago. Constantly training in dungeons and working to improve herself, she believes she can become one of the best warriors in the kingdom. Unfortunately, there is just one little problem — lately, Aliya has been suffering from blackouts, waking up in different locations with no memory of what happened. Fearful of what this means and what may be happening to her, Aliya is determined to get to the bottom of her strange condition. During her search for a cure for her affliction, she might just discover more than she expected — about her friends, her beloved country and the plague that threw the country into chaos in the first place.


  • 3 love interests — one male, one non-binary, one female — each with a completely different route!
  • 9 endings + 3 hidden (read: half-troll, half-serious) endings
  • Over 70 meaningful choices that change the story and determine your ending
  • Approximately 160k+ words
  • Unique sprites for 6 important characters
  • 6 CGs
  • 3 chibi CGs
  • 5 custom BGs
  • Original soundtrack



Ebullience Games (Website, Tumblr, Twitter)

Writers: Perennial Lily, Windchimes
Character/CG Artist: Greenace

Editor: Azuumi
Chibi CG and Logo Artist: PlutoParfait
Backgrounds: arodude
GUI Artist: Valhalla
Music: Laurence Long
Trailer: Amy Smith

Additional Backgrounds, BGM, SFX: Various creative commons sources - full list in game


4 Apr, 2017: We're still wrapping up the last parts of the script right now, but we're going to make this page public and submit to NaNoRenO game jam for now. If everything goes well, the full game should be uploaded in a few hours. Apologies for the wait! Please check back in a few hours! <3

FINALLY RELEASED!! Apologies for the delay. I know it's already 4 days after NaNoRenO, but we needed those extra few days to finish the script because it was much, much longer than expected.

The script is unedited and not fully tested, so if you have any bug reports, please email us at general@ebulliencegames.com.

For feedback, please leave a comment below or send us a message on Tumblr! We would greatly appreciate it :D

Thanks for playing!

5 Apr, 2017: Quick update! Fixed a small sprite issue in Everea's route, as well as made one of her endings easier to get.

6 Apr, 2017: Small update! Fixed some small spelling errors in the game.

8 Apr, 2017: New version (v.1.2) now up! Fixed some small spelling errors in the game as well as made Lyall's endings easier to get.

21 Jul, 2017: Fixed pronoun errors and typos in the game. 

29 Mar, 2018: New version (v.1.3) is now up! Fixed typos, pronoun errors, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, one or two graphical bugs, and many more! Some of these changes have already been included in your version (v.1.2) because I was too lazy to change the version number, but if any old players see this, please do download the new version of the game if possible to keep it updated! We are extremely sorry for our unintentional mistakes regarding Lyall, and all errors should have been fixed. We will make sure not to make such mistakes in the future for new games.

Published Mar 25, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorEbullience Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Otome, renpy, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Support

Install instructions


  • After downloading the .zip file, just extract all the contents into a folder. Go to the folder, and you should see a file called AIRIS.exe. Run this .exe file to play, and that's it!
  • Remember to download the correct version of the game for your platform!
  • If it's blocked by a virus scanner, you can add the program to your whitelist to play it, but of course, only if you feel comfortable doing so.


  • After downloading the .zip file, it should extract it to a folder after you double click on it. Open the folder, and run the file called AIRIS.
  • If it gives you an error, saying it's from an identified developer, right click the file AIRIS and choose Open instead. This time, when the error pops up, it should have an additional button called "Open". So you can press that, and the game should run.


AIRIS v.1.3 (Windows) 131 MB
AIRIS v.1.3 (Mac) 130 MB
AIRIS v.1.3 (Linux) 134 MB


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I love this Game and i am every day looking for this So today i am get the and happy 

So I've finished all the routes and dang...that was an amazing experience. I loved Aliya and all the characters. I'd especially like to shout out the way you characterized the king during Lyall's route. I did their route last and considering the way things turned out on the other routes I was expecting a large part of the route to turn out the same way but no, Lyall going into detail about how they see the king made me understand him more.

Other than that I really liked Everea's route, kinda disappointed she doesn't show up in the other routes but it wasn't really a big deal. I would also like to say that the hidden endings for both Kylan and Everea broke my heart and I'd like to thank you for the angst lol

I recently played this game on Steam and loved, loved, loved it. 

The characters are witty, and the art is beautiful.

If anyone can show me the way to the soundtrack, I'm all ears. The composer is such a talented human being. The soothing piano melody inside the pub lulled me right to sleep one afternoon, and it was delightful. I have tried looking on Laurence Long's Soundcloud to no avail... Help. >_<'

Just played this game all in one evening and I really enjoyed a lot of the plot! You have a lot of really interesting conceptual stuff in the script, and the twist truly surprised me when I first got to it (I played Kylan's route first so when he started talking about MMOs I had a "looks directly into the camera like i'm on the office" moment). 

I know this was just a one-off nanoreno project but I'd love to see the idea of an MMO where the characters are real people fleshed out even more in some future work. My favorite route was Everea's, which I didn't expect! You've provided me with some good tastey f/f so thank you to the writer(s) of her route. She was my favorite character, and I also enjoyed how Aliya can get kind of angry and determined throughout the story since I just personally enjoy that in an otome protag.

Just one note though, if y'all are still in the business of doing edits even a year after release: there are a couple pronoun errors with Lyall.  I didn't keep track of specific lines, but they're referred to as "he" a couple times in the narration and in one line refer to themself as not being "like a son" to king Lio. There's also "themselves" instead of "themself" used for them throughout the script which isn't correct for the singular they. 

(Edited 3 times)

Hey there! Thank you very much for playing our game! We're really glad to hear you liked it. :) 

Man, I adore MMOs so if only we could make one ;; Pity it's so much effort and money to make one though. It'd be amazing haha. 

Glad to hear you liked Everea! Both writers wrote the route, and though one of them is now no longer with the team, I'll pass on your compliments to her! 

Ah, do you remember when you downloaded the game? Because you might be playing an old version, since I've uploaded a fix in back in July which should have fixed all the pronoun issues, as well as another hotfix recently that changed to gender-neutral words like "child". If you end up catching any errors in the newest versions, please do note the lines down if possible and send it to us by email! I'll go through the script once more tonight to see if there are any more problems! Apologies for that; it takes me some time to go through Lyall's script carefully since I don't know it very well because the writer of Lyall's route has left the team already. 

Regarding the "themself" issue, we've actually done some research before writing, and we've found some blogs run by non-binary people / other sites that say both "themselves" and "themself" are acceptable, and therefore, we went with "themselves". Here are some links for your reference:





Please do let me know if this is actually wrong, and I'll correct it if that's the case. I'm always eager to learn about proper non-binary representation since it's important to me to be respectful.

Thank you very much again!

Oh, that would explain it - I downloaded the game months ago but don't remember if it was before July or not, so it's possible I was not playing the most recent version (mine said version 1.2). I didn't see any updates saying pronouns had been changed on the page though and noticed that the game still seems to be on 1.2 so I wasn't able to tell either way. If it helps, I think I caught one "he" in Kylan's route and then the other he/son in Lyall's route somewhere? 

And as for the themselves thing, thanks for providing links! I understand why you made that decision. For what it's worth, as an nb person, I've always used themself to refer to myself and others, and no one else I know who is nb has ever used themselves when talking about a single person either.  Seeing it in the game dampened my immersion levels a little because of that. If you want to discuss this further though I love talking about nb rep so you can hmu on twitter at @ntagonistic or at atwalyelli @ gmail.com!

(Edited 1 time)

Hey! Thank you for the reply. 

I think from what you've mentioned, it might have been one of the old versions (since the "son" thing was fixed in the newest version that was uploaded just a week ago). It's my fault I never updated the changelog because I forgot about the updates section of the page but>_< And I didn't update the version number, because if I change the directory name (from 1.2 to 1.3), when I reupload it to Mediafire / other mirrors, it doesn't just replace the old files but upload as a new file instead, which means it has a new URL, and I end up having to update all the mirror links across all our posts / websites, and I was too lazy to do so, haha. But you're right, calling it all v1.2 is probably unclear, so I'm going to update the version number later after I go through the whole script again to check for any remaining errors and make other changes. Thanks for pointing that out!

Regarding "themself" issue, thank you for your input! I asked my non-binary editor (for our next otome game in progress) and a few non-binary friends, and they said it's not a big deal either way, but I think I'm going to go through the script and change all "themselves" to "themself" when referring to Lyall, since I definitely don't want to ruin the immersion for any non-binary players. Thank you so much for pointing that out since you're the first one to alert me to this problem!

I would very much love more advice on writing non-binary representation,and I have mentioned you in a tweet on Twitter from my personal account since I can't send you a message without you following me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Anyways, so I'm going to upload a new version shortly that should fix everything, so maybe you can download the new version just for fun xD. Thank you very much again for playing AIRIS and writing your comments! 

(Edited 4 times) (+1)

I really realy really like this game. 

Very good queality of backgrounds. Very good-looking menus and interface. And of course very great and detailed look of all the characters. But if I were you I'd think about adding single sprites for Lidrie and Echinda. Both are minor characters but they are a little bit important for plot and only two named people without sprite (except General Alaric). 

Yeah... Characters they are one of the best part here. All the romancable options seems to be interesting :) . All of them have their own style, role, story, personality, routes and of course opinion about the world. And Aliya and Teddy are great, too :)

Plot is great too. I'm sure all the routes shows other point of view for the same story. (I had get only 1 ending yet). Very great and unexpected plot twists. Three (+1  hidden ) very different routes for each of all 3 romancable characters. Multiple ending. And all of ending are very different.  Meaningful choices. It's very great mixture :D

And the game long like for visual novel and very replayable especially if you want to get more endings or to choose other romance this time. :3


At the begenning of the game at though it's gona be story anout finding cure for mysterious illness of MC and finding love of course :D. But I was very suprised (in goo way) how it all expanded. To the thing important for the whole nation and planet Airis.

To be honest the only love interest I was interested in from the very begenning is Everea. And I'm pround of myself since you told the 3rd ending are hardest to get of all basic three. I got it in first try :) . And  I was always trying to choose option that would make her happy and this is how I get 3rd one, lol. I finished game once yet.

But I have few questions:

1. Why can't we get bad ending with any of love interest? Usually Vns have this "option". 2. You wrote above that each ending we get is based on how patriotic/non-patriotic and optimist/pesimist are our character and choices. And you told even more-less percent values for both stats. But how can I check this stats? Is any hidden menu somewhere or something? 

Edit: I got all the Eve's endings :)

(Edited 2 times)


Thank you so much for playing our game and for all the compliments! We're really glad to hear you liked it. :D It means a lot to us!

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, most otomes have good - neutral - bad endings where you die in LI dies in the bad ending or something of that sort, but we felt that this type of system did not suit AIRIS's story. To very briefly explain, the writers of AIRIS thought that it is important to give players the freedom to make choices to influence the story in a game like AIRIS where the themes of the story revolve around freedom and choice. If there's a bad ending, then that means there must be some sort of right vs wrong choices, where if you pick the wrong choice one too many times, you end up with a bad ending. In our opinion, this delineation of right vs wrong choices reduces the liberty one has in making choices, because you can't really just pick any choice you want; there's a right choice that you should pick. That's not to say that this system is bad or anything — lots of otomes and visual novels have done really well using this system, but we just felt that this system did not fit with AIRIS and the kind of branching story we want to tell.

2. No, there is no screen in game that displays your hidden stats. Your stats are not displayed in game at all. As said above, we want players to feel free in making the choices they want in AIRIS rather than try to manipulate the stat numbers to what they want, and there are walkthroughs if you want to get different endings, so we did not want to show the hidden stats to players. We apologize if it has caused any confusion or inconvenience for players.

We hope these answers are satisfactory for you.

Thank you again for playing our game and leaving a comment! :)


First, I found this sublime novel at the Play Store but I can't play it well with my current phone memory capacity at that time. But then, I seek it here and man I couldn't be more pleased in reading all routes and their endings. The thrill of realizing the underhand agreement of their shared existence, the drama, and the romance all are well-placed, accompanied with beautiful CGs (especially the cute chibi ^^). I can't keep the pieces of my broken heart when encountering the Hidden Endings :'(


Thank you so much for playing our game! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed it. 

Thank you so much for the compliments! It means a lot to me as a writer to hear you liked the plot and endings. I'll pass on your compliment to the CG / chibi CG artists as well! 

Again, thank you so much for playing our game!


So I just finished the game and ahhh!!! My goodness I hadn't expected to enjoy it so much?!?!

I booted up the game and I ended up using up half of my day on it before I even realized! This has definitely been one of the best visual novels I've ever played!!

First off, I really liked the diversity of the characters in the story!


I played Kylan's route first (by accident) and then Lyall and lastly Everea's. It might've been better to do Everea's route before Lyall's since their route is right in the heart of the matter but it's always best to start of with Kylan's since the introduction to the plot of the story is smooth in his route. While I'm not saying the other routes weren't smooth about it, it's just that in the order I did it in, Kylan introduced the start of the problem while Lyall finished piecing everything else together. So when I started Everea's route I was curious on how the story was going to involve her (especially since she's barely there for Kylan's route and basically disappears in Lyall's) but I was delighted to find out how the route involved her in the problem of the story and it was a very interesting, new perspective to view the problem from!

That being said, I'd say I'm biased towards Lyall because he's my favorite (and I have a thing for blondes //SHOT) but I really enjoyed all of the characters!

I loved the way Kylan and Lyall's routes were loosely connected to each other, like how you do one route after finishing the other and you can actually get a feeling of when these things took place in the other route! For example, for the majority that Lyall is missing in Kylan's route, you get to know what they were doing the whole time they were gone in Kylan's route and vice versa for Lyall's.

As I've said before, Everea was a completely different perspective and it was amazing. Though I found a few bugs. In Everea's secret route, in the part where everyone gathers in the guild and gives speeches, when Everea leaves and returns to your group, her art covers Lyall's but this moves back to its original position in the middle when they leave. Another bug is in the third route's ending where Teddy's picture is very big and way out of proportion for the screen. The picture goes back to the usual size when Everea enters the scene though, but at the cost of Everea's picture being the one that's too big.

I have to say I really enjoyed all the routes and the endings! While I found Kylan and Lyall's second endings to be the happiest, I'd have to say that Everea's first ending is the happiest. 

That being said, the route I enjoyed the most was Lyall's. You were closer to the source of the problem and you could have a better feel of its magnitude, the problems of the king, why Lyall is so loyal to the monarchy even in other routes, what the humans were planning to do, etc. I greatly enjoyed the interactions between Aliya and Lyall (since I share the same humor and feelings as well) and the conversations were deep and philosophical, and boy am I a nerd for both of those things.

Out of all the endings, I have to say I enjoyed Lyall's the most because of how down to earth it all seemed. In how Lyall expressed that they wished they could've helped the king and wondered if they could've done something, but always knowing in the end that they're insignificant and wouldn't really change anything. Up until now I didn't understand the logic behind that philosophy, cause every action we do has a consequence, right? But strangely enough, I was finally able to understand it through this game and I believe that just made me more fond of it cause I learned something from it.

All in all, I apologize for the long comment, but I really really enjoyed this game and I would like to thank all of you for creating it but also say what a great job all of you did?? A game that has a deep, involving plot, interesting and diverse characters, and definitely gives you something to think about all done under one month.

All the routes were well written and the CG's were all very nice! (though some had, in my opinion, better CG's than others or had more than the other routes)

Thank you to the awesome team of Ebullience games for creating such an amazing game! I'll definitely be replaying it some time in the future hahaha

P.S. Is there any way for people to send in fan art? Not that I might have any, nooo, heheh..


Thank you so much for playing AIRIS and for taking the time to write a review! We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed the game that much! :D

You're right, Kylan's route is probably the best one to start with! When we were developing the game, us writers briefly discussed the recommended route order, and we both agreed Kylan should be the first, though we couldn't come to a conclusion on whether Lyall or Everea should be last. So it's really cool that you had the same feeling as us regarding this issue!

Ah, thank you for reporting the bugs! Will definitely take a look into them when I have time. Strange that we didn't catch these bugs previously during beta testing. May I ask which platform you were playing AIRIS on? We apologize for the bugs, by the way! We didn't have time to do thorough testing because of the time limit of the game jam T_T

It means a lot to us that you learnt something from our game! It's such a high compliment to us that we successfully provoked thoughts from the players when they played our game! 

Gasp, fanart? We would be so honored to receive any fanart! ;o; If anyone happens to want to submit any fanart, you can send them through our Submit box on our Tumblr (http://ebulliencegames.tumblr.com/submit), or post the piece of art on Tumblr or Twitter and tag us (@ebulliencegames for Tumblr, @EbullienceGames for Twitter). We'll reblog / retweet any fanart / fanfiction of our games! :)

Again, thank you so much for playing our game and writing a review! :D We hope you'll give our future games a try as well! ^^

Is the Android version the same as the desktop one?


Thank you very much for your interest in our game!

Yes, the Android version is exactly the same as the desktop one. :) Though we would recommend players to play on the desktop version, since the game was originally developed for desktop, the PC version would probably be more stable and fluid than the Android version.

Again, thank you for your interest, and we hope you give our game a try!

Ok, I'll go for the desktop version then :)

i love the art... i want to play till the end.... but the story font is killing my eyes >_< can at least bold them up please? 

Hello there!

Apologies for the super late reply! We somehow missed the email notification, so we weren't aware there were new comments posted on this game.

We're sorry to hear you had trouble reading the text because of the font T_T We hope you didn't give up on the game because of that, but if you did, let us know, and we may consider possibly uploading another version of the game with enlarged font sizes. :)

Thank you very much for your interest in our game, and we're sorry for your troubles!


I had finished Everea route yesterday, all 3 endings, and I must say I love this game very much. Character designs are beautiful, romantic events are very sweet, setting was nice and that plot twist after Aliya founds out the truth about her blackouts was unaccepted and very interesting, I liked characters personalities, especially Aliya's, I loved how she is both feminine and strong. I wanted to say a lot more but for some reason once I actually started writing words just aren't coming to me, but basically I loved nearly everything about this VN I have very little "complains" about it, and those aren't even really complains they are more a few things I thought could had been improved. One of those things are action/battle scenes witch I thought could had been more exacting, now I understand this is not an action VN and I am completely fine with it that way, but I thought since there are already battle scenes/events there could be something more to them. Another thing is that I thought that there could be additional events between some events, I am not saying that they are really necessary but I did find myself a few times thinking "Oh I wanted to see what happened in between" like in between an event where guild talks to the king and event after that in a dungeon. The last thing are CGs, those seemed to be of a lot lower quality then the rest of the game's art and I thought it's a shame since art for characters was so beautiful.

It's funny how while I have mostly positive things to say about this VN I spend half of a post talking about things I thought could had been improved instead, but like I said in beginning I really loved nearly everything about this VN. I am also very glad that a VN witch is generally aimed at girls [otome] included a GxG route, if you ask me more of GxG VNs aimed at girls are always welcome and I hope we will see more GxG routes in your future VNs.

Hello there!

Apologies for such a late reply! We somehow missed the email notification, so we weren't aware there were new comments posted on this game.

Thank you so much for playing our game and taking the time to write a comment! We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed the game overall! :) Thank you as well for the points of critique — we'll definitely take them into consideration, because it's helpful for us to know what our players want in future visual novels. ^^ We do apologize for the lower quality of the CG art — we were running out of time for this game jam, since this game was created for a game jam with a time limit of 30 days, so we rushed a lot on certain aspects of the game and didn't really do as well as we could have.

We'll definitely have GxG routes in our future VNs! We're currently working on a new commercial otome that has a GxG route as well, in case you're interested. :)

Again, thank you very much for playing AIRIS and for writing a comment!

Hi there,

No worries about late replay, it happens sometimes, I understand. I am happy that you took a time to replay at all, many devs don't.

I am aware of "The Masquerade Killer" and I had been keeping an eye out for it, if that is a commercial VN you are talking about, at a time that I made comment I don't think you had made it official that it will have a GxG route in it, but I found out about it later.

Hope you continue with making of good VNs, and hope you enjoy making them as much I enjoy playing them.


So I recently downloaded the game and have finished a few routes. And I must simply say that I adore this game, the silly conversations between characters leave me in a good mood and the story is interesting, especially as you discover more and more aspects of this story for each route you play.

The choices felt much more natural than many other games have done and I loved the personalities of them all. The art was amazing and I liked the music as well.

So I personally think that all the work put in this game have definitely paid off and even though I thought it looked good before downloading, it really impressed me, especially how well-written the storyline and characters felt.

I truly loved this game!

Hello! Thank you very much for playing our game and leaving a comment! :) We're very pleased to hear that you liked the game ^_^ Thank you so much for the kind words and compliments! :D It means a lot to us to hear your comments <3


Aaand I'm already back after finishing the game (the previous comment here was from me too)!

I utterly loved it! I mean, I only did one route as for now, but I feel like I don't actually want to do another one, wich is a good thing despite what it may seem. When that happens to me it means I loved the route and the character so much I couldn't force myself to do someone else's!

So yeah, if you read my previous comment, you may have guessed it, but I did Lyall's route! And oh dear I loved them soooo much I can't even hnnn! They're really my perfect type of character, and wow the route was so interesting. I really loved the conflicting emotions all around, about trusting the king or not and so on. It was such a dilemna at times. Aaand the romance part itself was so sweet and heartbreaking at times too.

Okay, basically, I've loved it, and that's it!

About negative points, well not much. I've noticed some typos or missing words here and there, and also you got the pronouns wrong a couple of times (used masculine instead of gender neutral for Lyall) - but I get that pain, as both of my mother languages don't have gender neutral pronouns for people and masculine is the default haha - I mostly say it because it may be a bit more offensive for some people than it is for me, as I'm not non-binary and I'm used to it in my languages.

Now I'll go on with the spoilery part, so heads up for people other than the devs who may be reading this!

-------------------------SPOILERS AHEAD!--------------------------

So! As I told you before, I did play without walkthrough, and I've reached Lyall's ending 2. I loved it a lot since I really have a soft spot for that kind of endings actually. I mean the kind where the main characters manage to save the world(s), but they're not reverred as heroes and end up travelling far away and starting anew in more peaceful circumstances, and not tied anymore to their previous responsibilities.

I'm really happy about this ending since I've not only loved it, but also it felt so... I dunno... natural, I guess. I've tried to really balance my choices. I've tried to match somewhat Lyall's mindset by trusting the king when his actions could have been justified and with wanting to protect the world, of course. And well, as for other matters, I've basically answered the most logical thing in my opinion, depending on the circumstances of each choice. Very often when playing otome or BL games, some choices feel "forced", as in - I need to choose that in order to get the good ending, even though I wouldn't have done or said that if it was truly my choice. I didn't feel that way a single time in this game, so congrats on managing such a feat! And also thank you for that!

Now have a final thing I'd like to discuss - the other endings.

Since I got ending 2, and I assume each character has 3 endings (and one joke ending?), it can mean two things: either I got the "middle" ending, happiness wise and all (wich would mean one is worse and another one is better) or I got the best one as it would be the truce ending (while one other would mean the triumph or earthlings and the other the triumph or airians). Is one of these theories right, or am I totally wrong about that?

Also, do you have some tips about how to get Lyall's other endings? While I won't do the other routes, I may be interested in exploring this route fully. I mean, I'm sure I'd be able to find the other endings by myself if I really tried, but since I've already experienced the story I don't want to try it lots of times either.

My wild guess is that for one of the endings you need to be quite fatalist and very supportive of the king, so you'll blindly obey, and for the other one you'd have to be very optimistic and against the king, so you'd have the strenght to rebel? But of course that may be wrong!

I also have no clue about the joke ending! If these are character linked too, I'd love some tips about Lyall's one too, while we're at it haha.

Wow okay, sorry for my never-ending comment - it's really waaay too long haha...

But in any case, thank you for making such a lovely game, and I hope you don't mind me asking for tips here.

(Edited 2 times)

Hello again! Thank you very much for playing AIRIS, and we're glad that you liked it! :D

Thank you for all the compliments! ^_^ The writer for Lyall's route is super happy to hear that.

Ahh... So sorry about the typos and pronoun errors! We didn't have time to proofread or edit much because of the NaNoRenO deadline ;; We'll try to comb through the script again as soon as we have time to try and weed out the remaining errors.


The endings for each character are arranged in terms of difficulty to get :) So #1 is easiest, with the #4 hidden ending being (supposedly) hardest. Surprisingly enough, for all routes, the #2 ending is the most romantic/happiest one? So yep, you got the happiest ending for Lyall.

As mentioned before, Lyall's route is mainly made up of two points: determination and patriotism. So for hidden ending, make both as low as possible. For #3, be kinda fatalist and not patriotic. For #1, be super patriotic and determined. It should hopefully be easy enough to figure out which choices correspond to which points.

Hope the tips help! :) Let us know if you still have problems getting the endings.

Thanks again for playing! And definitely don't apologize for long comments. They make our day ^_^

Oh, I get it!

I'm sure I won't have any trouble to get the other endings with the tips if I managed to get the happiest one on my own! Thank you!


Oh this game looks gorgeous, I love the style, and the characters look so engaging! Someone already told that before, but it's always nice to see non binary characters in otome games!

I haven't started playing yet, but I can't wait to be able to!

One little note though - if I understood correctly, people can get a walkthrough by donating on Patreon. I think it would be easier if you offered a pay what you want option here on itch.io too, and people would be able to download the walkthrough file if they pay at least $1. People are often like me - too lazy to check on an external site! I'll try playing without a walkthrough anyway, since I don't like using these - but well, anyone can get stuck sometimes haha.

Anyway, I'll tell you what I think once I'll play the game!

Hi! Thank you very much for the kind words! :D

Yep, we have a walkthrough on Patreon. We considered your suggestion, but I think in the end we would prefer not to just sell the walkthrough on here for $1. It doesn't quite feel right because we offer the official walkthrough as a reward to Patrons who support us for $1 a month rather than just a straight up sale-and-purchase. Even if some may only intend to pledge for a month just to get that walkthrough so the amount of money we get is the same, I guess we just feel like it's better to keep it as an exclusive reward for Patrons who have shown us so much support and love ^^ I hope that makes sense, and sorry about that! Haha.

I'll be replying to your other comment soon :D

Oh, I see! I didn't think about it, but it makes sense!


I haven't played yet (I'm hoping to make time to soon), but I have to say I love the fact you have a nonbinary character. I'm nonbinary myself, going by they/them, and I rarely ever see nonbinary characters in any sort of media. I honestly feel immensely happy right now. I haven't the slightest idea if anyone that worked on this game is nonbinary, so would you mind if I leave feedback of some kind specific to that? I don't want to overstep any boundaries or anything of the like, but it might help, should anyone on the dev team or reading the comments want to make something involving a nonbinary character.

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Hello! Thank you for your interest in our game and for the comment! :)

We're happy to hear you like the inclusion of a non-binary character! ^^ Yeah, we noticed nb characters aren't represented much, so we thought it'd be good to add one as a love interest.

None of us in the core team / studio are non-binary, and this game is actually our first attempt at creating a non-binary character just based off the research we did online, so please feel free to point out errors or inaccuracies or ways to improve our portrayal of a non-binary character! :) (We apologize in advance for any errors, by the way >_<) Our next otome game in the works will have a non-binary love interest as well, so your feedback would definitely help!

Again, thank you very much, and we hope you enjoy the game if you end up finding time to play it :D

So its been a bit and I've only been able to play Lyall's route and have only got the first two endings. I've seen quite a few mess ups with their pronouns, so if you liked I could perhaps screenshot them and send them (I am unsure how to make a bug report, so unless you have some guide I could follow, this is probably the best I can do). I also noticed that when it came to Lyall, contractions weren't used very often, which caused the script to not flow as well, so please don't be afraid to use contractions for They/Them pronouns. And before I get into how I feel on the two endings I've gotten so far, I would recommend maybe setting up an option on here for the walkthrough to be bought, instead of just getting it through Patreon, but from what I understand, you don't feel comfortable with that. I don't completely understand why, but maybe offering something else along with it, like an artbook, could make it more comfortable?

~~~Vague spoilers ahead~~~

I have to admit I didn't expect Lyall to be as good as they are, since no one on your team is nonbinary. I mean, I know research was done, but without constant feedback from someone who is nb or someone who has had a similar experience, I am impressed. A piece of advice I could offer, should you decide not to consult a nonbinary person during your next project, is that a person is a person, no matter what labels they use or identify as.

Moving on from gender, I really love Lyall's character. I don't want to accidentally spoil anyone, so, as my warning states, I'm going to try to be vague. Lyall is relatable and honestly probably going to be my favorite character, even if I have yet to really explore the other two romance options. Just like. How they are loyal/attached to both Aliya and [spoiler] their pesudo parent. And how broken they get at the really big choice at the end are so real and human. And though I have yet to get the third ending and the hidden ending, I don't think much could change my mind on how much I like Lyall.

I also apologize, since I'm trying to be vague and its been a while since I played, my current review is lacking. I hope once I finish the game I will be able to give a better review/feedback.

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Hey there!

Oh my god, I'm so sorry this is such a late reply because for some reason, I never saw a notification for this, and I never scrolled that far down on the comments list and didn't see your comment until today.  So I'm only replying to this now, but uh, better late than never maybe? 

Ah, again, we are really sorry for any pronoun errors for Lyall! We were not as thorough with editing the script as we should have been because of the tight deadline. Entirely our fault. If I had seen this comment earlier, I'd definitely have requested you to send us an email with all screenshots of errors, but actually, last July or so, someone else pointed out pronoun errors, and I ended up going through the entire script looking for any errors, so they should have all been caught and fixed! The new versions should be free of pronoun errors, but if you ever do end up replaying the game (though I'm not sure why haha) and still find any, please do send us an email at general@ebulliencegames.com! We make it our priority to treat gender identity as respectfully as possible.

Regarding contractions and such, Lyall's route was not actually written by me (Windchimes), and the other writer has since left the team, so I can't really respond to that critique on her behalf. But as I'm writing another non-binary character in our next otome game, I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind!

Thank you so much for being so kind about Lyall! It's really encouraging to hear positive comments about our non-binary character, because we were trying something new, and we were very worried about whether we were doing representation respectfully. We're really glad you liked their character! 

Thank you for your piece of advice regarding writing non-binary characters as well! I'll definitely be keeping that in mind as I write our next non-binary character in our new otome game in progress, though we've also been fortunate enough to have a few non-binary friends be more involved in the story process as well as frequently being consulted for feedback. We're also planning to recruit some non-binary players to beta test the game before release to sensitivity test and make sure we have not accidentally included any offensive materials. So hopefully, our next game will still be able to respectfully portray non-binary characters (despite being a historical setting). We know we all have a lot to learn in terms of writing and representing diversity properly, so please feel free to send us any feedback or advice! We'd very much appreciate it. 

Thank you very much for playing our game, and once again, I'm so sorry for the ridiculously late reply (if you ever even see this since it's been this long, haha.)


love your art style, gonna give it a try!!

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the game if you do play it! :"D


When I tried to load the game my Norton security said SONAR.Heuristic.158 was detected

Hi! Thanks for your interest in our game.

Ah, we're aware that some antivirus programs tend to flag new Ren'py games as viruses, though yours will be the first report that we've heard of for AIRIS. All the anti-virus softwares we have access to have reported our game as clean, so we don't believe it's an issue on our end with the game files. If you still want to play and you are comfortable with doing so, you can choose to whitelist the game in your antivirus. But if you are concerned and would rather not do that, then we don't really have any other suggestions (maybe report to Norton for false positive?)

Sorry for the problems, but thank you for your interest in our game!


I really love this game, it was so entertaining and intricate! Kylan is my favorite, but I'm having trouble getting his 3rd ending? I've gotten all the others, but i don't know what to change

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Hi! Thank you very much for playing AIRIS and leaving a comment! We're glad that you enjoyed the game :"D

We currently offer a full walkthrough PDF on our Patreon for $1, but it's by no means necessary to get the endings! I'll give you some detailed tips that should be more than enough to help you get Kylan's 3rd ending ^_^


Try balancing affection points with Kylan and your devotion to the country/protecting its people. Both points need to be at least 50%. In some choice menus, the choices for the two points are mutually exclusive! So try to balance both – alternate so that this time you choose an answer that is sweet to Kylan, but next time you choose an answer that is focused on your guild/country/people.

Additional tip: Focus on affection fully in the last portion of the route (particularly from the prison cell scene onwards). For the first half of the route, do more choices leaning towards being selfless and righteous.

One more thing! Affection points wise, it isn't just about saying the sweet/romantic things to Kylan, but also about trusting him and thinking like he would (hint: what kind of personality does Kylan have? Manipulative and curious)

Hope that helps! :D Do come back if you fail to get the ending still, and I'll give more hints ^^

Thank you again!

Thank you so much for all the tips! I was hoping for help with the 3rd ending though, instead of the 2nd. I completely understand that you can't give me the full walkthrough, but maybe just what I should focus on in terms of affection or selflessness? Thanks again :)

Ah no, that was a typo. Those tips are meant for 3rd ending. I gave them to someone else on Tumblr and they agreed it worked ^^ Sorry for the confusion, but the tips I gave you are definitely right for the 3rd ending. Try it and see! :)


I really love Lyall's route but I've only managed to get his 1st ending New World, New Life. I've been trying to get the 2nd ending for awhile now (which I Imagine is the happier one?) but I just can't seem to get it no matter what choices I make ;;

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hello! Thank you very much for playing AIRIS and leaving a comment! :D

We're glad to hear you like Lyall's route ^_^ Ah yes, a few players have also reported difficulty in getting other endings for Lyall. We have actually uploaded a new version (v.1.2) that should make the endings easier to get, in case you haven't downloaded that! We didn't have time to fully test how hard it is to get the endings before release (since NaNo deadline), so apologies for that >_<

In case you are already on v.1.2 but still encountering difficulties, we offer a full walkthrough PDF for the game on our Patreon for $1 a month, but otherwise, I can give some tips! For 2nd ending, I believe you should try to


a) keep the points for how much determination you show towards life and your tasks on the low side but not TOO low. So for choices that you feel will affect the determination, alternate between choosing the determined one and the less-determined one
b) choose the patriotic answers and show more respect towards the king

Hope that helps! Thank you again for playing :D

sooo just donate to your ko-fi to become a patreon?

If you want to become a Patron, it might be easier to just pledge to us on Patreon.com because you can receive the rewards automatically. Our Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/EbullienceGames

We currently offer a full walkthrough PDF for AIRIS if you pledge $1 a month or more. Do note that it's a recurring monthly payment, though you can quit your pledge at any time. :)

Thank you for considering to donate to us! :"D


JW do we have any effect on the personality of the MC as the story progresses? Or is it all just choices going towards routes?

Hi! Thank you for your comment and interest in our game.

The first 5 choices determine which route you end up on, but after you lock in your route, your choices do have an effect on the personality of the MC. Unfortunately, they are limited in the sense that you can't determine if your MC is an outgoing extrovert or introvert through your choices, but you can affect how the MC's attitude towards various things e.g. Choices in Everea's route determine MC's attitude towards the rules of the guild and the authorities/king, choices in Kylan's route affects her attitude towards persisting in her cause to protecting the country and how much she cares about other people/selflessness. This also affects the ending you get at the end of the route based on her changes in attitude.

I hope that still interests you ^^ Thank you again for your comment!


Thaks for replying so quickly! Definitely playing today ((>.<))

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the game :"D


I enjoyed this a lot!! i love the concept it was interesting!! never thought how the chararcter we play in mmorpg would react to the truth.. nice game keep it up!! thank you!!

Hello! Thank you very much for playing our game and commenting :D

We're very happy to hear that you liked it ^_^ It's a relief that you thought the concept was interesting; we were a bit worried about how players would receive this rather experimental kind of story haha. So thank you so much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts :"D It means a lot to us!


yeah i thought the concept was fresh new and not generic!! Awsome!!

Thank you very much <3 Your compliments mean a lot to us :)

Sure youre welcome!


Does anyone have a walkthrough?

Hey! Thanks for playing AIRIS :D

Which endings are you having trouble getting? We can help give some tips on how to reach the endings. We will also take your feedback into account and make adjustments to the requirements for the endings if some endings are too difficult to get, because we didn't have time to get feedback from more testers on this aspect before release as we were rushing to meet the NaNoRenO game jam deadline.

Again, thank you for playing AIRIS, and I hope you're enjoying the game!


Oh hi I saw the your green light program on steam, I have yet to play it but think the art is Beautiful. Once I do play I will make sure to give feed back ,and Inquire about how to reach certain endings. Thank you very much for replying:)

Thank you very much! :"D We do hope you enjoy the game when you have a chance to play it ^_^