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Main Characters


Ebullience Games (Website, Tumblr, Twitter)

Writers: Perennial Lily, Windchimes

Artist: Greenace

Logo & GUI: potouto

Trailer/Main Menu Song: Alyx

Publisher: Top Hat Studios

Backgrounds, BGM, SFX: Various creative commons sources - full list in game folder


Jan 26, 2017: Full game is now released! :D Enjoy!

Jan 28, 2017: V.1.1 is up with a bug fix in Aaron's route! Apologies for the inconvenience.

Apr 7, 2018: Small ninja update to update credits and small issues in code.

Published Dec 04, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
PublisherTop Hat Studios
AuthorEbullience Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance, slice-of-life, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter, Tumblr

Install instructions


  • After downloading the .zip file, just extract all the contents into a folder. Go to the folder, and you should see a file called Red_String_of_Fate.exe. Run this .exe file to play, and that's it!
  • Remember to download the correct version of the game for your platform!
  • If it's blocked by a virus scanner, you can add the program to your whitelist to play it, but of course, only if you feel comfortable doing so.


  • After downloading the .zip file, it should extract it to a folder after you double click on it. Open the folder, and run the file called Red_String_of_Fate.
  • If it gives you an error, saying it's from an identified developer, right click the file Red_String_of_Fate and choose Open instead. This time, when the error pops up, it should have an additional button called "Open". So you can press that, and the game should run.


Red String of Fate v.1.1 - Windows 153 MB
Red String of Fate v1.1 - Mac 152 MB
Red String of Fate v 1.1 - Linux 155 MB


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potential spoilers;

i had a few theories as to why valerie and luke appear to be string-less. 1st was valerie's theory, with their soulmates just being super far away, but that was kind of a... stretch. 2nd theory was that they just don't have strings, in which case they're free to date anybody with a broken string or no string... such as aaron or eachother. little lonely but not too bad. 3rd theory, and the one i personally prefer, is that luke and val are soulmates, thus sharing the same string, thus unable to see eachothers' strings because they can't see their own, as seems to be the case with all seers.

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This was such a cute game, omg. I really loved the dynamic you built with the characters, each one bringing something new to the table (I totally ship Val and Luke so hard, it's not even funny X3), and the art was just so beautiful. I just have one thing to say: thank you for this masterpiece of a game. ^__^

"Please don't make me give up my games. . .I will and I can, but I don't actively want to."

I regret that I didn't played this sooner. I would've known the precious bean aaron earlier.  He has that happy go lucky trope that one guy in otome whose the youngest and def the chilidish one and a lot of them feel so forced. But I'm So Relieved I had my assumption all proven to be wrong.  His route made me chuckle here and there-- throwing me to fits of cackling, even! THAT CLASSROOM SCENE THO MADE ME SHIPPED HIM WITH VAL SO HARD.  

i'm so glad i went with his route first ♡


omg i just finished the Luke rout and the feels are so reel i'm crying i loved it so much i'm going to go play the Aron rout now omg i just love this game you did an amazing job <3 <3. 


спасибо за такую хорошую игру  .Мне больше понравился Люка он такой милашка и няшка  как раз в моём вкусе. Продолжайте в том же духе.


Suggestions i will say:

1: Event Route: 1st "The Fate Of Study"

2: Achivements: Get 90 love pts. if you complete a achivement!(NOTE: ACHIVEMENTS ARE EASY, BUT ACHIVEMENTS ARE SOMETIMES HARD!)

3: Help Feautre: Same in renpy.


I played this game a while ago, and I didn't realise that I hadn't commented my review. This game is honestly heartwarming, the amount of effort put into the character development is very noticeable, and the characters are jsut so loveable, the art is really pretty too. I really related to Valerie, and her quest for the 'one', and why did you create such perfect men?? Now I'm ruined, I want a love like Valerie and Luke tbh, anyway I LOVE this game, and you guys are talented!

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omg, I just finished the game, it was a beautiful story. My theory is that people like them are destined for everyone but no one is destined for them, what I mean is, they can be the happiness of those with broken strings, I don't know. Other theory is that they were blind to their own strong and the string of their soul mate so maybe Valerie and Luke were soulmates https://i.gyazo.com/a3832b68770f7180531dd848214add2b.jpg this part here made me think like it was... but I wouldn't know what to feel about that, even if Luke's story was more exciting, I also liked Aaron's


I've just finished to play to this game and what can I say... I found Luke's story amazing, but I loved Aaron's path as well (but I definetely prefer Luke!).

Please, submit more games like this, this was awesome!


I made an account just to leave a comment here! This is a really wonderful and special game. I liked Luke right away so did his path first and loved it. I thought there was no way I would enjoy Aaron's path as much but I found myself loving it (and him) even more! The characters felt real, and I loved especially how Valerie's internal monologue meant that we really got to know her too, which made the stories feel more realistic. Thank you so much for this awesome game.

Oh my gosh, we're so honored to hear that!! We're glad you liked the characters and thought they were realistic. No, thank you for enjoying the game & for all the kind comments! We really appreciate it. Here's to hoping you enjoy our other & future games as well 8'D


Thank you so much for making this wonderful game!! Right away I was impressed by the quality -- I just love how well-developed and round the characters are; they're relatable and lovable, and that's so awesome. I love the beautiful art and the well-written dialogue and the drama...This is a work of art among otome games, and I really appreciate it!

Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game and leaving a comment! We're really happy to hear that you enjoyed it ^_^ Thank you very much for the compliments and kind words! :"D It means a lot to us!


I really, really love this game. It's heartwarming, creative, a little painful, and hugely satisfying. Luke was truly the character I had hoped he would be. However, I am a little confused about Valerie's history. I may have misread it, so I'll reread the story before making any official claims.

Anyways, thank you for this gift. I really loved the experience it gave me.

Thank you so much! :D We're glad that you enjoyed the game.

What parts of Val's history were you confused about? o: It might have been mistakes on our part (?), or if it's just not clearly explained in game, I can try and answer your questions and explain it properly :)

Thank you again for the kind words!


Thank you for replying. After re-reading my adventure, I have confirmed the area of my confusion. You see, when Valerie stumbles upon the opportunity to speak with Luke's grandmother, she mentions that since all of her grandparents passed away before her birth, she doesn't know how to address the elderly. However, at the end of the story when she's packing her belongings for the month-long holidays, she informs us that she is going over to her grandparents' house. The reason I'm confused is that this implies at least one of her grandparents are alive when the opposite has been stated. And from reading over the version of the story I played, no other indications are provided over why she would visit a place owned by her grandparents.

It's a small detail to be sure, but one I just happened to pick up none-the-less. I don't think it has any real affect on the story itself, which is still pretty amazing.

Also, just to let you know, I've noticed a couple of minor misspellings in the text here or there. I don't think that they impede anyone's experience considering how only someone going out of their way to study the text would probably notice. Most of the time with these kinds of stories, I find that nobody really slows down long enough to notice the mistakes as they are too busy devouring the contents and impressions of the text itself. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to fix some of them. Most of it is just a single letter failing to enter a word or forgetting to add an 's' to the end of a word describing an action. I did notice a couple of places, such as when Valerie hugs Luke to console him, where the author of the text accidentally switched to a past-tense wording. Words such as "wouldn't" or "couldn't" showed up when "won't" or "can't" are more appropriate. If a reader were to notice anything out-of-place, it would probably be when Valerie and Aaron meet up in the hallway to go over the email together. Instead of writing "...and wait for him to approach me." I believe the author typed "...and wait for him to approach him." However, as I've mentioned, most readers likely wouldn't have noticed the error for longer than a second, if at all. Your story is truly beautiful and serves to engage the reader in such a manner as to distract from any flaws the story or technicalities happen to have.

For that, every single one of you who worked on the game should be proud.

P.S. - the only reason why I happen to have noticed any of the details mentioned above is because of the kind of reader I happen to be. My mind just notices the little things when it comes to text probably because I am an avid writer myself and wish to eventually serve as a professional editor for other aspiring writers possessing more talent than myself. Either way, thank you for taking time out of your day to hear my opinion and showing that you are passionate about this project both during and after its release. Your efforts really have been worth it and I hope that more people have an opportunity to witness this fruit of your labour. Please continue developing games and experiences as wonderful as this one has been.

Hello! Thank you very much for replying :D

Ooohhh yes, I believe someone in the comments have previously mentioned that as well. That was definitely not intended. The house she left for was supposed to be the house her parents left her after their deaths (which, because of her mom's rather recent death, she still doesn't feel like the house is hers but her parents). It was supposed to be a subtle way of suggesting how she misses her parents/mother in particular, but I messed up, and it became a hilarious epic fail instead. OTL I'll find time to fix that and re-upload after we are done with NaNo!

Thank you so much for pointing out the other errors as well! I can't believe we didn't catch them >_< Haha. Super sorry for the oversight! I'll try and fix them as soon as possible ^^

Anyways, thank you so much for all the kind words ;o; You're too nice. We should thank you for playing our game and taking the time to let us know your thoughts and help us improve the script and fix errors! It makes us really happy to know that you appreciate our work :"D We will definitely continue developing games :D If everything goes well, we should have another way out in just a few days! ;)

Again, thank you very much! Your compliments mean so much to us as new developers who are still unsure of our work.


i am so absolutely in love with this game !! i always get sidetracked when i try to play visual novels these days but the story and the writing were so good that i couldn't look away. great work.

Ahh thank you so much! <3 We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. Thank you so much for the compliment on the story/writing ;o; It makes us really happy to know that it was engaging enough for you! :D


omg so far this game is so good ❤❤

Thank you so much! :D Hope you enjoyed the whole game!


I am in love with the soundtrack! i would love to know the name of the songs!

Hi! Thank you for playing our game and commenting :D

All the songs (except the main menu one) are from various Creative Commons sources, where we have listed out the websites in the Credits.doc. However, if you want the exact name of the tracks and link to them, we might need some time to compile the CC music list o: Hope you don't mind! ;o; Would you want a list like that?

Sure! And I won't mind waiting a while! This game was soo much fun! :D

I would like to second this. :) Thank you for the hard work! :D

Got it! We'll work on the list of CC BGM as promised, though we might not finish it and have it up until after March because we've participated in NaNoRenO and have been really busy with working on the new otome >_< Will definitely post the list of music as soon as possible though!

Please do so! I have enjoyed the game very much but what made it so much more heartfelt was the music. I got so attached because of the soundtracks and I'd love to have the names of all the tracks used.

Thank you so much! I'm about to start playing AIRIS. I'm sure it'll be just as good!!

Hi I would love to have the soundtrack list as well! The music blends in perfectly with the writing and the art! I am still in the midst of reading the VN storyline and it has been awesome thus far!


Honestly, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME, even though I didn't finish it yet. Luke is my favorite. :p

Hello! Thank you for playing our game and leaving a comment <3

Ahh, it makes us really happy to hear that you liked RSoF >_< Thank you for making our day! Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game when you do have time to finish it :D


Hello! I try to make it a habit to leave a review of all the games I play here, since I know it's got to take A TON of time to make them.

So far, I've only played Luke's romantic route, but I'll definitely be trying to find the other available routes! Also, the gallery pics are SOO cute! I'm definitely planning on unlocking them all!

The art and music were some of my favorite parts of this game, as they both really helped add to specific feeling you were trying to create. Well done! I found that some of the dialogue felt a bit forced, however, but it was by no means bad. But I just felt like it didn't follow a natural flow of conversation.

But anyhow, thanks for the hard work and a totally cute game!

Hello! Apologies for the late reply; I missed the email notification somehow ;o;

Thank you very much for playing our game and leaving a comment! :D

Some of the dialogue for Luke is intended to sound more formal and the conversation may be stilted because I was trying to portray his Literature student side and his unfamiliarity with casual social interactions because he's generally a quiet observer. However, for Val/Aaron and probably some of Luke's are probably not intended to be forced xD So I'll definitely keep your critique in mind for our next game. Thank you very much for pointing that out!


No problem (I hope I didn't step on any toes)! I look forward to playing your next game! :D


Omg the ending for luke is soo cute and i couldnt stop smiling for like 10 minutes after agh

:"D Hi there! Thank you for playing RSoF, and we're really happy that we could make you smile <3 Hopefully, Aaron's ending will cause the same reaction if you end up playing his route! ^^

I got Aaron's ending, and ohmygod. So happy with this game in so many ways!

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Hi, so I gave this game a try since I liked the storyline, and I must say that the artwork is fantastic too! The music was very appropriate and soothing to the ears and doesn't distract the player from reading at all.

Comments: (slight spoilers for those reading)

I already achieved both of Luke's endings and I got all his CGs. Luke is so charming and I love him! His route gave me quite a few laughs (remembering those books that he borrowed at the library XD). Honestly, I felt very bad when I pursued him as a best friend only like "aww he's so cute but I must. do this. I need the CG!" My heart broke for him when Val rejected him but I was glad that they still remained in good terms in the end and it was still satisfactory.

So, for Aaron. I must say he's an adorable ball of sunshine! He's so lovable and he's so cute when he gets all flustered and stuff >_< I feel like I kicked a puppy when Val mentioned about how Aaron gets all sad and dejected when she still hasn't played the games he recommended yet.

Since I'm talking about Aaron.. I already finished his route (the one where they ended up together) and I'm currently trying to get his friendship end but there's this part in the game where it keeps crashing. It's the scene in where Val and Aaron are in his bedroom and they're playing 20 questions. I'm just wondering if it only happens to mine? I'm using Windows 7.

Aside from the crash thing, the game was very well-done! I honestly loved it and I was very immersed in the story! I'm actually surprised but very grateful that it's free. Anyways good job!

Weeell that's all I have to say! (I actually just made an account here just to report the crash issue and to write some feedback about this game haha XD)

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Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game and writing a comment :D

Thank you for the compliments! :"D We're really happy that you liked it so far. Hearing that you were immersed in the story makes us writers really, really happy.

About the crash: Would you mind giving some details about exactly where that happens? Can you describe the problem as well -- does the game just suddenly close on you, or does it give you an error? If so, what does it say?

Edit: I think I know why >_< Mistake on my part omg. I'll be uploading a new fixed version as soon as possible. For now, just click Ignore a few times when the error comes up and you should be able to keep playing. It doesn't affect much, you'll probably miss one or two lines of dialogue only.

Thank you very much for the report, and we're sorry about the problem ;_;

Actually for the crash, I don't receive an error, the game just suddenly closes on me TT_TT

I did try to restart the game a few times but it always ends up crashing in a specific part.

It's in the scene in which Valerie had asked Aaron on why he was so eager to get her to do stuff lately in Aaron's bedroom, where they were playing 20 Questions. It happens right after Valerie's line: "I think the fact that you said that means you probably won't. Now go on."

Anyways, you're welcome and I'll be patiently waiting for the fixed version! :D

Hmm, the place you described where the game crashed is the exact place where the bug I found, though for me, when it gets to that spot, it gives me an error that I can click Ignore on. Can you try downloading the new version (v1.1) from Itch.io and see if you can get past that point without the game crashing? This new version fixes that bug I caught, so it might also fix the problem for you.

Sorry about the problem ;_;

Hi! So I just downloaded the new version and it fixed the problem for me! I got past the point where it crashes!

I got Aaron's friendship end and his CG~ ^_^

Like how I felt during Luke's friendship route.. I felt bad for Aaron..! The poor cinnamon roll... But I still felt satisfied with the ending :D

Now that I've completed the game, I would like to thank you once again for having made the great game! I feel so happy and grateful for being able to play this game (which I still can't believe is free). I loved this game so much and I'm looking forward to playing more games from you in the future! :D

Oh and I also played Lads in Distress a while back- it's a fun game with a gorgeous artwork and storyline and I was surprised in one of the endings. I really enjoyed that game too!

Hey! Thanks for reporting back; glad to hear the problem is fixed! :D

No, thank you for playing our games, both RSoF and Lads in Distress <3 I know they are not perfect, but we're really happy that we could bring smile to people's faces with our games. Hope you will continue supporting us in the future! <3


Welp, gave it a play and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! The writing quality is wonderfully well-paced and evocative - sometimes I'd get so caught up in the story that I'd forget to look at the sprites, haha... I caught one typo near the beginning of the story. I forgot which line it was exactly, but it switches perspectives from first person to second person, I believe.

The characters are all well-rounded and interesting. They all had their flaws, but were each likable in their own ways. I adored Luke's route, as he is exactly my favorite kind of bishounen: moody, serious, and intellectual. I also enjoyed how Aaron falls naturally into the spunky best friend role during Luke's route, which is how I prefer him. Aaron's character was a bit too immature for me to take seriously as a potential love interest, but that boils down purely to personal taste. I couldn't quite make it past the party scene with him, as I felt awkwardly like I was trying to wingwoman my little brother, lol.

I enjoyed all the different role-playing options, and I managed to get both of Luke's endings... I appreciated the central conflict in his story quite a bit and thought it was really a very mature and interesting spin on the traditional soulmate plot.

Finally, the art style is pleasantly breezy and the GUI (potouto, you're amazing!) is very cute. Everything, including the music, fits the tone of the game very well and enhances the story.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story for free! ♥ Cheers!


Thank you so much for playing our game and taking the time to leave a comment! :D We're very happy that you liked it. Thank you for the compliments as well! We're pretty relieved to hear that you liked the twist on the soulmate theme; we were slightly worried since it's a bit different from the usual "red string of fate" concept. xD Again, thank you so so much for giving our game a try and leaving a long review. <3 Good luck on Queen's Crown, btw, we're all looking forward to it!!

So if I buy this now here will I get a Steam key when it releases there?

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The game is 100% free on both Itch.io and Steam! o: It's not even PWYW. So you just need to download it on Itch.io, and if you want a copy in your Steam library, then download it there on Steam when it's out. That's it! :)

Thanks for the interest in our game! <3


Oh my gosh you're right. I didn't even notice. I just saw the quality and assumed I'd have to pay for it. XD Whoops! Downloaded it and about to start playing it. <3

Haha, no problem! We'll take it as a compliment that you think our game is of commercial quality :"D Thank you for downloading, and we hope you enjoy it! <3

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

Yup! Would have paid for that! I loved it, so brilliant. And there's going to be spoilers here now for anyone who may be reading this! Made me want to cry when I had to get Val to reject Luke. I got so attached to him, but I adored Aaron too. I constantly kept just staring at the CGs in the gallery remembering the scenes and re invoking the emotions I felt when I first read it. Ebullience Games really created something powerful with this game. I feel the character's (all three of them) pain so acutely throughout, and I had so many laughs at different parts. This is definitely going to be one of the games I'd suggest to others, especially if the're just looking to begin getting into VNs. Thank you all so much for creating this. <3

EDIT: Although I did notice one bizarre thing that didn't seem to match up. When Val is talking to Luke's grandmother there's a line that says, "My grandparents had all passed away by the time I was born, so I have no experience in communicating with the elderly." But by the end of the game Val's packing to spend winter break at her grandparent's place. ...is.. is she going to a cemetary? Or does she just still have the house they lived at under her name now?

Eep, sorry, somehow I missed your comment until now >_< Thank you so much for coming back to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thank you so much for playing our game ;o; We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Nothing makes us happier as writers than to hear that we can invoke feelings in our readers >_< Thank you so, so much!

HAHA No, Valerie is not going to a cemetery (oh my god I didn't realize how that would sound LOL) >_< I meant that she's going to stay in the house her parents left her, not grandparents ;-; A mistake I never caught. Thank you for pointing that out! LOL

Again, thank you so much for playing RSoF! ^^


the demo was so good! waiting for the full version :) I'm really intrigued with your storyline...

Hi! Thank you very much for playing the demo and taking the time to leave us a comment :D We're really happy to hear you liked the demo <3 The full version will be out very soon; we're currently in beta testing phase already. So keep an eye out on our social media for the release announcement!

Thank you once again :D


I absolutely loved the demo and I can't wait for the full game to come out!

Hello! Thank you so much for playing our demo. Glad to hear you enjoyed it :D Don't worry, the full game will be out relatively soon! (We're aiming for a release by the end of this month). So don't forget to give us a follow on any of our social media (Tumblr/Twitter) to stay updated for news regarding the full release! :D

Thank you again for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment. <3