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I played the demo some time ago,and I loved it!I like the concept of the game and the art too(I hope someday I will draw so beautiful too).The story is interesting and everyday I wonder:Is there any new update?,And I say to myself"They are working really hard,they can do this!"

Since I am writing a comment,I would like to ask a question:

In the end of each route,the criminal is the same?(just curious)

Anyway,I hope you will read this and all I gotta say that I love the Otome-Detective gender games.So I will wait until the game is finished.

P.S:Do your best,I am supporting you~

I am sorry If there are some typos XD

Hello! Thank you very much for playing our demo, and we're glad to hear you liked it! :) Thank you so much for the compliments <3 We're sure you'll be able to draw gorgeous art one day!

If you want to keep up with our updates on this game's development, we suggest you to follow our Tumblr: We post updates at least once every month on the blog! :) 

To answer your question, yes, the murderer is the same in every route. All four routes tell a different story that's part of the whole picture, so that hopefully, when you finish all four routes, that's when you'll be able to fully understand every facet of the mystery and all the people who are involved. But overall, the answer to the mystery is the same — you just discover different aspects and parts of it in each route. 

Just to clarify, in case there's been any confusion, the murder mystery is a main plot point and genre of this game, but this technically would not fall under the genre of a detective game. In our opinion, detective games have more focus on solving the mystery through various gameplay element, such as finding clues and interrogating suspects like in Sherlock Holmes and you can guess the wrong culprit through your  choices. However, while this otome game revolves around a murder mystery, and the player, as the main character, will get to make choices such as which suspect to question and what to ask, it's more of... a guided narrative rather than a real detective game. Basically, unlike detective games where the player's focus is to find out who is the criminal through various minigames and such, this visual novel is focused on the story of Elvira which involves her solving the mystery (like, for example, a traditional murder mystery book). I hope this makes sense — just wanted to clarify in case any players get their hopes up and misunderstand what this visual novel will be like, and then be disappointed when they purchase the game to play. 

Again, thank you very much for your support! We really appreciate it <3 We'll continue working hard to finish the game as soon as possible!

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Forgive me for any typos, it's late at night, and my cheap wit is the only thing I have at the hour (not really). Also, sorry for the upcoming word vomit ahead! Also, I edited three times for typos and to add in some questions.

Just finished playing the demo, and I gotta say, I really like the writing and the art! I think there were two or three typos, but the only thing I remember clearly is that one scene where Elvira and Seth are talking to Charlotte. The line is "Charlotte scoffs, mouthing something silently to herself that is no doubt an insult, but Seth's grin merely grow wider." One other line I particularly remember comes after the choice in the scene with Rosalind about what topic to talk about. If you chose to talk about August, I think she says, "...blah blah he thinks of Lydia as family." I'm pretty sure it was the line where she calls you out on your disguise. Wrong pronoun, little sister.

So! Characters! Personally, I liked all of them, including the side-characters. Rosalind caught my attention the most out of all the side-characters because clearly she isn't just an airhead. I just...really like her a lot.

Elvira was a fun main character. I love capable, strong female characters, so she got that down. I also love how her insensitivity and coldness can just get in the way sometimes and lead to somewhat amusing situations, and Seth has to kinda nudge her, like Elvira pls stop :V I found her design the cutest, and I love her outfits and hair-styles so far!

I'll be blunt and say that I preferred the male love interests at the beginning, especially Seth, because, well, I'm straight, but not gonna lie, I came out of the demo going like 'not enough Charlotte.' I just really liked that strong and confident aura of hers. I'm excited for her route the most, and I think she knew Elvira from when they were kids, and the latter was still in the orphanage; I might just be reading too much into their exchange, though.

The one I liked second best was August. What a dude. I'm interested in their relationship with Julius and Lydia was back in the past and before Lydia kicked the bucket. I also really liked how it's clear that August really cares about Rosalind. D'aww.

As for third best, that was Seth. It's clear this guy ain't exactly sane, which is why I'm really interested in him. The cheerful, jokester-ish aspect of him also isn't the only side of his personality. The moment his loyalty and kind-of-close relationship with his boss was shown (e.g. when Elvira mentioned that asking him about anything that involves the boss or disrespecting her pisses him off) I went, "...okay, how much do I want to deal with this guy when his route's probably gonna involve the boss a lot more?" Don't get me wrong, she's a great character, she just seems like a handful, haha.

The one I liked least (I still like him a lot, though) was Julius. I liked his sass, but maybe I'm completely reading this wrong, but I think he was in love with Lydia. Even if he wasn't, those two were still really close, so I'm kinda iffy on how his romance is going to go. If I'm (somehow) right and he was in love with Lydia, then for me, it'll be a bit awkward doing his route. Just a bit.

The only two characters that I really want to talk about are Lydia and Gertrude. For the latter, it's shown that she's a woman to be feared and respected. Couple of questions though: is she actually capable of fighting and doing missions, or is she more of a has-a-lot-of-connections kind of guy? How old is she? Is her hair styled that way because she actually doesn't have an eye, or is it for the edge? Also, what hair products does she use, because that hair is fabulous.

As for Lydia, from all the impressions I'm getting, she seemed to be a kind of girl that was really enjoying life in the best ways possible. She was shown (from others' perspectives) to be rather kindhearted, too. How much involvement does she have in her own death, though? As in, was she completely innocent, or did she get involved in something that she shouldn't have? And how honest was she to those around her? I'm pretty hyped up for the mystery myself.

Some additional questions: how long does the story in the game take? Does it span over a couple months/weeks? If so, how many? Or does it vary by route and choice? (If you're still confused on the wording, I just want to know how much time the routes/story spans over in-game, like a month, two months, half a year, etc.) Also, how old is everyone? Or at least, how old are the love interests?

None of the writing and dialogue felt awkward to me. It flowed rather well, and I find myself really liking the art, especially the backgrounds! They're beautiful, I tell you. I also liked the sprites a lot, especially some of Elvira's expressions, like this one lol:

She just looks so disgusted and disappointed, it's amazing.

I'm excited for the release. Great job, and keep it up!

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Hello! Thank you so much for the comment, and we're super sorry for the late reply! The notification email from was buried by other emails in our account so we didn't notice it at all until I logged on here to update the game information.

Anyways, we're really glad to hear you enjoyed the demo so far! Thank you very much for pointing out the typos — we've fixed the embarrassing mistakes in the script now. :) 

As the writer, I'm very happy that you liked the characters!  I put a lot of effort into crafting the side characters because I think side characters with depth are important to the story, so it's great that at least one player likes the side characters! Rosalind is one of my favorite characters as well — and she's definitely not an airhead at all ;) You'll find out more about her in August's route primarily. 

Elvira is certainly a fun character to write as well! It was kind of a struggle at first to convey her coldness and sheer emotional insensitivity because I've never written a main  character like that before, so I'm glad to hear it was portrayed well enough that players picked up on it. And yes, the artist really did a great job on her design! 

Your comment about there not being enough Charlotte in the demo is a fair point. The reason Charlotte has less screen time compared to the other love interests in the demo is that Elvira is kinda expected to spend the initial couple weeks getting used to being a lady and investigating the nobles, particularly Julius whom the marquess suspects the most, so she is more preoccupied with other suspects for the time being and doesn't have enough opportunities to run off to the orphanage, especially since Seth believes Boss that Charlotte knows nothing and would disagree with Elvira's choice, thinking it's a waste of time. Still, I think you have a good point regarding there not being enough Charlotte in the demo, which isn't fair to her or GxG fans, so I'll go back to the common route later on to see if I can include more Charlotte appearances, or at the very least, make the orphanage scene longer! Regarding whether Charlotte knew Elvira when they were kids... you'll find out the answer in the full route! ;) Don't want to spoil anything at this point. 

August definitely had interesting friendships with Lydia and Julius! It'll be revealed in both August and Julius's routes why this pair of friends fell out, and you may even get to help them mend their friendship through certain choices! ;) And yes, I love writing August and Rosalind's sibling relationship!

Oh yeah, Seth definitely has... issues, but who wouldn't after the kind of life and childhood he's led? Boss is definitely a handful for sure,  though I'd like to think she has a lot of depth to her and she isn't purely the bad guy one might consider her to be. I can reveal that Boss will play an important role in Seth's route — one of the themes of his route is dealing with the effects of abuse and his relationship with his motherly figure, Boss. So let's just say his blind loyalty to Boss will be dealt with in his route. So... play his route, because he needs your (Elvira's) guidance and help to grow and learn to deal with Boss!

Aw, although you like Julius least, I'm glad you still like him! I don't want to reveal right now whether Julius was in love with Lydia because that's spoilers, but I'd like to clarify that Julius has never seen and will never see Elvira as as replacement for Lydia, because since the very first minute he laid eyes on Elvira and realized who she is, in his mind, Elvira and Lydia are two very different people, no matter how much they look alike. His relationship with Lydia, as well as any awkwardness Elvira might feel about being with him considering she looks so much like his ex-fiancee, will be dealt with in his route, so I hope you give him a chance anyway! :)

Regarding your questions about Gertrude:

  • She's definitely capable of fighting and doing missions! She's probably even better than Elvira at hand-to-hand combat, but she doesn't really go out on missions anymore since handling the running of the organization takes up most of her time, and she has retired into more of just a leader position and uses her connections to get jobs for the members. She still has a fearsome reputation on the streets though for all the successful missions and assassinations she's pulled off like eight years ago.
  • She never reveals her exact age to anyone, but I can say that she's in her early thirties.
  • Her hair is styled that way both just because it looks intimidating and because she was injured on that side of her face before, which left bad scars, so she tries to hide them with her hair.
  • If you ask her what hair products she uses, she'll just say none, her hair is naturally fabulous because of her amazing genes ;)

As for your questions about Lydia:

  • I can't reveal too much about her involvement or degree of fault in her own death, because it'd spoil the mystery, but let's just say she certainly had some role to play.
  • Her honesty... Ha, another hard question to answer without giving away too much. Let's just say she's very used to putting up the right kind of mask around the right kind of people, as you probably have seen in the demo already, so she's... honest without being honest. You'll get to understand different aspects of her character more in each route as Elvira's investigation gets deeper and more of the mystery is revealed.

Questions about the game: 

  • Regarding how much time the story spans over in game, it definitely varies from route to route, and it's also not specifically stated exactly like which month it started and which month it is at the end of the route. But roughly, each route should be around a few months to half a year, and then there's a time skip of another few months / a year before the ending (epilogue) at the very end.
  • Again, this isn't really stated in the game, so it's just bonus info that'll be in the artbook / behind-the-scenes book, but here are the ages for the main characters: 
    • Elvira: 18 (according to herself, but she can't really remember her birth year, so it's entirely possible it's wrong!)
    • Julius: 21
    • Seth: 18 (rough estimate according to Boss when she took him in when he was just a baby)
    • August: 20
    • Charlotte: 21

Thank you very much for the compliments on the writing and art! We're glad to hear you like them :)

Again, thank you for taking the time to write a comment to let us know your thoughts! We'll continue working hard on the game and try to bring it to you guys as soon as possible! :)

Holy heck! God, the art is gorgeous! And I always did love the diversity of the characters in your games, nonbinary characters are rare in an otome game, especially a romancable one! But, I gotta say, Charlotte's probably my favorite! I love that she's so fearless and confident! Keep it up you guys!!! (P.S. Love the intricate designs with the GUI)


Thank you so much for the compliments! ^^ We're very glad to hear you like the characters and GUI. :D We'll definitely continue working hard so we can bring the full game to you guys as soon as possible!


I just finished the demo and I absolutely can't wait to play the finished game! Julius & Seth are probably the paths I'm most excited to pursue eeeeekkkk! Haha, anyway, keep up the good work :) I look forward to seeing what you guys do!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! :)

We're glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D We'll continue working hard on the game ^_^ Thank you so much for the encouragement!


I played this demo almost immediately. I've played your other games - Red String of Fate and Airis and loved both of them. So far, I love this one too! Aside from the fact that I love the Victorian setting, the artwork is lovely, and I like how when the choices come up, it seems like it's important for you to pick an option that'll actually have a possible consquence on the story, and not just simply change the dialogue a bit like a lot of otome games do. I know I'd  definately buy this game once it's finished! So far, I'd have to say Julius is probably my favourite - he's got a lot of sides to him that I want to see, and a close second would be August. Anyway, keep up  the good work! :)

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Hello there! Thank you very much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! We're very happy to hear you like our games! :D

Aww yus! We put in a lot of effort into the choices to make them seem meaningful and important ^_^ While in the full game, there will admittedly be some dialogue choices that will change how a conversation goes, most choices will have consequences, even aforementioned choices that change dialogue: some just take a while before you see the full consequences of your actions (e.g. chose to befriend and be nice to a side character? Maybe they'll help you later on down the road when you need it.)

:D Glad to hear you like Julius! Our friends tend to prefer Seth and August, so poor Julius has been unloved until now LOL

Thank you for your kind words and vote of confidence! We'll try to make the game as great as possible! :)


I just finished the demo now, and I have to admit it's pretty good. I like how different choices offer a variety of information regarding the suspect pool, but how there are also more than one means of acquiring knowledge regarding individual recurring suspects. Since it's rather late at night for me at the moment, I'll save my deeper investigations for another day, but I am looking forward to listing out all the current clues to factor a guess as to the true murderer. However, I'm definitely taking the options themselves seriously. I'm curious to know exactly how the story changes depending upon the details Elvira chooses to investigate, as this is ultimately a romance game. The obvious assumption would be to focus solely upon your chosen partner to produce the desired ending, but since Elvira is also in charge of solving a mystery, it seems that you have to balance your desires with determining the best means to close the case. A rather delicate line, I fear. Especially since the person you choose can end up being the criminal in question. Which begs the question: will there be bad endings availablein the game, such as one where Elvira possibly gets herself killed and the mystery remains unsolved?

That would be interesting to see.

Anyways, I'll close off my monologue with a praise over both your current and continued effort over this project. Though I personally am not aware of the full mechanics to creating a game, I am aware of the diligence required to simply write a story - especially one with multiple endings. I love the consistency I've seen and hope to be able to expect the same in the full release when it comes. Since your story and plot seem solid, I believe you should expect to see a good number of customers willing to buy your finished project. I'll certainly be making myself among that number.

P.S. - I just wanted to give extra credit for the trailer. When I watched it, I was itching to try the game before it had a chance to finish. Good job and keep up the good work.

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Hello there!

Thank you so much for playing our demo, as well as taking the time to leave a detailed comment! We very much appreciate it :D

You certainly raised an interesting issue! It's quite difficult to explain, actually, but I'll try my best anyway!

As you said, this is ultimately a romance game. Therefore, the story will first branch into four different routes / storylines based on which love interest you're closest with (or perhaps most suspicious of!) at the end of the common route (around the point where the demo ends). After that, the game will offer different choices that then determine your ending. While the common route offers choices that mostly require the player choosing a suspect / love interest to focus on, after the player ends up on one character's route, the choices will change and follow a particular theme special to that route. Some choices will be mystery-oriented, some will be romance-oriented, while some will be mixed. Endings are not dependent on only the romance-oriented choices and how much of a relationship you've built up with your chosen partner. Therefore, we can safely say that you cannot only focus on the romance with the chosen love interest in order to get the "happy" ending!

However, we should also be clear upfront that while there will be choices similar to the common route where Elvira can choose different targets to investigate or recruit for help, this game is a romance game first and foremost rather than a detective game. Therefore, while the story will change and adapt according to the player's choices, for most endings, the murder mystery will be resolved, and the murderer will be revealed. If you're disappointed by this answer, hopefully this next small reveal will make it a bit better: The murder mystery is a lot more complicated than just whodunit, so each route will reveal a different portion of the mystery (as well as possible side mysteries, e.g. has anyone wondered why Elvira shares such a striking resemblance with Lydia?). Hopefully, only after playing all four routes at least once will the player be able to piece together the whole big picture and answer all the questions that were left unanswered in individual routes.

As for your question about whether there will be bad endings available -- it highly depends on what you consider as bad endings. We personally do not believe in making a game where we offer choices to players but there's a "right" and "wrong" choice, so that too many "wrong" choices will lead to a "bad" ending / game over to "punish" the player, where e.g. MC or love interest dies or love interest rejects her love. Instead, we aim to create games where all choices are worth exploring and there is no "wrong" answer, so all endings are "true" in a sense. However, we can promise that there will certainly be darker endings and angst-filled endings, which may or may not include at least one ending where Elvira fails (or, rather, chooses not to?) solve the murder mystery. ;) I can't say much more on this, unfortunately, or else I would give away too many spoilers! :)

Sorry about the word vomit! I kind of went on a ramble there. I'm not sure if my answer even addressed your queries properly. OTL Apologies if my reply was completely off-topic. Feel free to come back and raise more questions again! I'd be very happy to answer them.

Thank you for the compliments! I cannot express how much an encouraging comment like this means to us. Hopefully, it will be as you say, and we'll be able to attract customers in the future :) We'll certainly be doing our best to offer an engaging, logical and consistent story in the full game!

Also, thank you for the kind words on the trailer! The video editor really did an excellent job, and we're so glad to hear that the trailer achieved its goal of drawing potential players in. :D

Again, thank you so much for leaving a comment and playing our demo. We very much appreciate your feedback!


You did it!!!

And not a (namepls) anywhere in sight.

Anyway, loving it so far!

Hey! Thank you :D I can't believe we did it

Wow, of course you have to remember and bring up my previous failure OTL LMAO Let's hope there aren't any terrible bugs I missed.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the whole demo! :)