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Holy heck! God, the art is gorgeous! And I always did love the diversity of the characters in your games, nonbinary characters are rare in an otome game, especially a romancable one! But, I gotta say, Charlotte's probably my favorite! I love that she's so fearless and confident! Keep it up you guys!!! (P.S. Love the intricate designs with the GUI)


I just finished the demo and I absolutely can't wait to play the finished game! Julius & Seth are probably the paths I'm most excited to pursue eeeeekkkk! Haha, anyway, keep up the good work :) I look forward to seeing what you guys do!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! :)

We're glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D We'll continue working hard on the game ^_^ Thank you so much for the encouragement!


I played this demo almost immediately. I've played your other games - Red String of Fate and Airis and loved both of them. So far, I love this one too! Aside from the fact that I love the Victorian setting, the artwork is lovely, and I like how when the choices come up, it seems like it's important for you to pick an option that'll actually have a possible consquence on the story, and not just simply change the dialogue a bit like a lot of otome games do. I know I'd  definately buy this game once it's finished! So far, I'd have to say Julius is probably my favourite - he's got a lot of sides to him that I want to see, and a close second would be August. Anyway, keep up  the good work! :)

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Hello there! Thank you very much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! We're very happy to hear you like our games! :D

Aww yus! We put in a lot of effort into the choices to make them seem meaningful and important ^_^ While in the full game, there will admittedly be some dialogue choices that will change how a conversation goes, most choices will have consequences, even aforementioned choices that change dialogue: some just take a while before you see the full consequences of your actions (e.g. chose to befriend and be nice to a side character? Maybe they'll help you later on down the road when you need it.)

:D Glad to hear you like Julius! Our friends tend to prefer Seth and August, so poor Julius has been unloved until now LOL

Thank you for your kind words and vote of confidence! We'll try to make the game as great as possible! :)


I just finished the demo now, and I have to admit it's pretty good. I like how different choices offer a variety of information regarding the suspect pool, but how there are also more than one means of acquiring knowledge regarding individual recurring suspects. Since it's rather late at night for me at the moment, I'll save my deeper investigations for another day, but I am looking forward to listing out all the current clues to factor a guess as to the true murderer. However, I'm definitely taking the options themselves seriously. I'm curious to know exactly how the story changes depending upon the details Elvira chooses to investigate, as this is ultimately a romance game. The obvious assumption would be to focus solely upon your chosen partner to produce the desired ending, but since Elvira is also in charge of solving a mystery, it seems that you have to balance your desires with determining the best means to close the case. A rather delicate line, I fear. Especially since the person you choose can end up being the criminal in question. Which begs the question: will there be bad endings availablein the game, such as one where Elvira possibly gets herself killed and the mystery remains unsolved?

That would be interesting to see.

Anyways, I'll close off my monologue with a praise over both your current and continued effort over this project. Though I personally am not aware of the full mechanics to creating a game, I am aware of the diligence required to simply write a story - especially one with multiple endings. I love the consistency I've seen and hope to be able to expect the same in the full release when it comes. Since your story and plot seem solid, I believe you should expect to see a good number of customers willing to buy your finished project. I'll certainly be making myself among that number.

P.S. - I just wanted to give extra credit for the trailer. When I watched it, I was itching to try the game before it had a chance to finish. Good job and keep up the good work.

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Hello there!

Thank you so much for playing our demo, as well as taking the time to leave a detailed comment! We very much appreciate it :D

You certainly raised an interesting issue! It's quite difficult to explain, actually, but I'll try my best anyway!

As you said, this is ultimately a romance game. Therefore, the story will first branch into four different routes / storylines based on which love interest you're closest with (or perhaps most suspicious of!) at the end of the common route (around the point where the demo ends). After that, the game will offer different choices that then determine your ending. While the common route offers choices that mostly require the player choosing a suspect / love interest to focus on, after the player ends up on one character's route, the choices will change and follow a particular theme special to that route. Some choices will be mystery-oriented, some will be romance-oriented, while some will be mixed. Endings are not dependent on only the romance-oriented choices and how much of a relationship you've built up with your chosen partner. Therefore, we can safely say that you cannot only focus on the romance with the chosen love interest in order to get the "happy" ending!

However, we should also be clear upfront that while there will be choices similar to the common route where Elvira can choose different targets to investigate or recruit for help, this game is a romance game first and foremost rather than a detective game. Therefore, while the story will change and adapt according to the player's choices, for most endings, the murder mystery will be resolved, and the murderer will be revealed. If you're disappointed by this answer, hopefully this next small reveal will make it a bit better: The murder mystery is a lot more complicated than just whodunit, so each route will reveal a different portion of the mystery (as well as possible side mysteries, e.g. has anyone wondered why Elvira shares such a striking resemblance with Lydia?). Hopefully, only after playing all four routes at least once will the player be able to piece together the whole big picture and answer all the questions that were left unanswered in individual routes.

As for your question about whether there will be bad endings available -- it highly depends on what you consider as bad endings. We personally do not believe in making a game where we offer choices to players but there's a "right" and "wrong" choice, so that too many "wrong" choices will lead to a "bad" ending / game over to "punish" the player, where e.g. MC or love interest dies or love interest rejects her love. Instead, we aim to create games where all choices are worth exploring and there is no "wrong" answer, so all endings are "true" in a sense. However, we can promise that there will certainly be darker endings and angst-filled endings, which may or may not include at least one ending where Elvira fails (or, rather, chooses not to?) solve the murder mystery. ;) I can't say much more on this, unfortunately, or else I would give away too many spoilers! :)

Sorry about the word vomit! I kind of went on a ramble there. I'm not sure if my answer even addressed your queries properly. OTL Apologies if my reply was completely off-topic. Feel free to come back and raise more questions again! I'd be very happy to answer them.

Thank you for the compliments! I cannot express how much an encouraging comment like this means to us. Hopefully, it will be as you say, and we'll be able to attract customers in the future :) We'll certainly be doing our best to offer an engaging, logical and consistent story in the full game!

Also, thank you for the kind words on the trailer! The video editor really did an excellent job, and we're so glad to hear that the trailer achieved its goal of drawing potential players in. :D

Again, thank you so much for leaving a comment and playing our demo. We very much appreciate your feedback!


You did it!!!

And not a (namepls) anywhere in sight.

Anyway, loving it so far!

Hey! Thank you :D I can't believe we did it

Wow, of course you have to remember and bring up my previous failure OTL LMAO Let's hope there aren't any terrible bugs I missed.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the whole demo! :)